September 21, 2020

Clove Mild

Clove-packshot-2‘Clove Mild’ is one of the mild-category cigarettes which are currently preferred by many people in Indonesia. The term mild-category cigarettes itself refers to low-nicotine, filtered, machine-rolled clove cigarettes. This type of cigarettes is currently highly-favorable among young-generation smokers, women, and smokers who are concerned about the nicotine level in the cigarettes that they smoke. The main ingredients of ‘Clove Mild’ itself consist of Indonesian and imported Virginian tobacco blend, clove, and flavor. The blending of those ingredients results in a strong-tasting clove cigarette, but with only 1.0 mg nicotine.

Category : Machine-rolled cigarettes
Filter : Yes
Stick Length : 89mm
Packaging type : Hard pack
Packaging Dimensions : 58mm x 95mm x 16mm
Content : 16 sticks
Tar : 21mg
Nicotine : 1.0mg

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